Suidani lashes out at Sasako & Solstar after ARMED GROUP PLOTTING story


Premier Daniel Suidani has lashed out against journalist Alfred Sasako and newspaper Solomon Star to be responsible for their reporting following a story the paper publishes today claiming that an armed group has been formed with the intension to remove Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare from office.

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The story which is widely shared and debated on social media alleges that the group is armed and members are mostly from Malaita and Guadalcanal with other provinces including the PM’s own of Choiseul.

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But speaking from Brisbane, Australia in his quarantine hotel Suidani expressed concern that Sasako continues to refer to the premier on his speculative stories.

“A case in point is this latest front-page story on the armed group plotting to overthrow the government.  Sasako seemed to craft the story to look like the return of the premier is related to his story of the arm group’s plot to overthrow the government. This is most irresponsible of Sasako to have included me in this rather disturbing story,” Suidani said in his statemet.


He said such irresponsible news headlines will only create uncertainty and anxiety for “me, my family, and the people of Malaita province.”

 “If sasako’s aim is to come up with a story that creates a cloud so that there is a cover to try and arrest me on my arrival. I must strongly remind this man Sasako that such thinking would only come from those with a dark heart,” the premier, stated.

Suidani further states that he would have thought as a fellow Malaitan himself, Sasako, should at least have the decency to allow him to return home in an atmosphere without suspicion.

“Instead, Sasako has been on a witch-hunt on the premier in a way that is quite unprecedented,” the statement says. It continues: “It, therefore, begs the question of what is Sasako’s agenda against the premier’s medical trip to Taiwan. After all the premier’s trip to Taiwan has not incurred any costs to Mr. Sasako or anyone else.  It was a trip that is funded by good-hearted friends and the Taiwanese government,” he said.

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