MP cautions gov’t over COVID-19 positive case to ‘avoid community spread’


Opposition Spokesperson for Health and Medical Services and MP for Simbo/Ranongga Constituency Hon. Charles Sigoto calls on the government to take all steps required to prevent community spread when dealing with the recently confirmed Covid 19 case; and to tightening up our marine and air travel prevention strategies.

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The statement came following revelations of the results from tests in the Western Province of a crew from the MV Vimaru Pearl, returned positive after the third test in quarantine. This according to the Opposition MP, is worrying for the country.

He says the recent ravaging impact of the delta variant of the virus around the world has now altered the dynamics of the pandemic clearly increasing risks to more worrying levels. With our slow vaccination program, this incident must serve as a serious reminder that safeguarding our people’s health must now take precedence over anything else.

“The fact that the virus was detected in-country clearly puts us in the back foot as our health authorities will now have to commit resources to contact tracing, isolation and even checking on health equipment.

“With the notable limitations in our health system, costs of such activities should be eliminated. Priority must now be given only to areas that really matter and surely trying to contain a risk that is allowed into the country under trade arrangements is no good strategy,” says the Opposition spokesperson for Health and Medical Services.

He adds that there are many people involved in the chain of activities from entry to departure of foreign crew which can unwittingly undermine our best efforts to prevent community spread of the virus.

“I therefore urge the responsible authorities to now tighten up on their maritime and air travel restrictions.

There is no better strategy than to put in place restrictions that require proof of vaccination or being Covid 19 free. Ship operators and airline operators must bear the responsibility of sending crew or passengers that meet our strict conditions.  

“If our people are to be protected, such strict measures must be employed now than later,” Hon. Sigoto further adds.


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