Detke applauded for getting his workers to be vaccinated


The Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) applauds local businessman and Member of Parliament for North West Guadalcanal Constituency, Hon. Bodo Detke for getting all his workers vaccinated yesterday (Monday 12th July).

Hon Dettke himself brought around 30 of his ITA Hardware and Solomon Energy and Logistics workers who are yet to receive their first COVID-19 jabs to the Central Field Hospital (CFH) for their first jab.

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Dr Lazarus Neko MHMS DS Corporate Services shaking hands with Hon Dettke upon receiving the 30 cartons of water bottles.

Hon Dettke said that following check on all staff on who had already received their first dose, these groups of workers are yet to receive theirs thus I have taken the initiative to bring all of them to the field hospital to get vaccinated as I am now considering only employing those fully vaccinated against the virus.

“This is important for the health of my workers and in turn the business and more importantly it will greatly serve to protect the public who are our customers from COVID-19 in the event of a spread in Honiara”, said Mr Dettke.

He added, “COVID-19 does not grade nor discriminate, it attacks every single human being it can find, in the same way we must joins hands to combat the virus and this also means private sector firms supporting the work of the government to increase coverage of vaccinated persons to protect the country against COVID-19”,.

He urged all other businesses to come forward with their workers and get vaccinated.

Prior to getting their vaccination, Mr Dettke and his workers donated 30 cartons of water bottles to the Central Field Hospital to support with its daily operations.


Receiving the donation, Dr Lazarus Neko MHMS Deputy Secretary Corporate Services thanked Hon Dettke and his workers for the donation stating that it will greatly support daily operations of field hospital and serve well those coming in to get their vaccinations should they need water to quench their thirst.

 “ Thank you indeed Hon Dettke and your team, we are indeed grateful for the support and more importantly for your initiative to bring yourself all your worker who are yet to receive their vaccine dose to the field hospital for their first jabs”,

“ Truly health alone cannot achieve the ultimate goal of getting all eligible persons vaccinated but with combined efforts and support from all sectors, private sector included and everyone else we can easily achieve our goal. You’re coming today sets an example of how health would like to see all other businesses in town support the current roll out of COVID-19 vaccines”, explained Dr Neko.

Solomon Energy and Logistics are responsible for the refurbishment and repurposing of the Multi- Purpose Hall into the Central Field Hospital, which was handed over to Health early this year.

Thank you team ITA and Solomon Energy and Logistics; see you all when you return for your second dose.

Solomon Energy and Logistics worker receiving his first COVID-19 jab. He is part of the team that refurbished and repurposed the Multi- Purpose Hall into Central Field Hospital.

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