7 people including chiefs missing at sea between Isabel & Gella since Saturday


Seven people are still missing at sea after their boat failed to arrive in Buenavesta in Gella from Sepi on Isabel since Saturday.

A statement from the RSIPF Media Unit says Isabel Police had already carried out an investigation into the missing boat and a search and rescue is active for the missing boat.

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Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Superintendent Leonard Tahimana says there were seven people on board the canoe, six males and a female and all of them were adults.

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They were travelling to Nagotano for a convention.”

A total of 20 boats travelled together but only 19 arrived at Buenavesta.


The missing group used a ray boat named KAPIKA and was powered by a 40 horse power Yamaha OBM engine.

Police say before the boat travelled to Central Province, it picked up Chiefs and some elders at Nagolau village and other nearby villages.

Police are continuing with their enquiries and a joint search party between police maritime and Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) is still active.


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