5 seriously wounded after clash over ‘kava farm plot of land’ on Malaita


Five people are seriously injured after they clashed over a a portion of land for kava farming at Malobo village in West Kwara’ae on Wednesday this week.

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Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Malaita Province, Chief Superintendent Stanley Riolo said the tragic incident happened after a father and his son cleared a portion of area for Kava garden— but later another father with his two sons entered and planted kava there.

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According to Riolo, the argument has escalated and the trio attacked the father who originally cleared the plot.


“His son saw his father fell on the ground – fought the three (father and two sons) and this is where they seriously wounded them each other,” he said.

Riolo said police had responded and are currently investigating the wounding incident.

The five people were transported to Kilu’ufi hospital for medical attention and two others were referred to National Referral Hospital as their conditions were serious.

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