Police arrest 3 for stealing mobiles & cash in night raids in Honiara


Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) in Honiara City officers have arrested three youths for the stealing of mobile phones during operation clean east zone over the weekend.

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Provincial Police Commander (PPC), Honiara City John Matamaru said the trio was arrested for alleged robbery of a bag containing personal belongings including three smart phones and $300-00 cash.

The arrest was done when the police team was also attending to other minor reports in different locations in Honiara. They included: Solrais area, Green Valley, Feraladoa, Ice Valley, Woodford School and Tasahe B are some of the areas police attended during the operation.

He said during the police operation nightclubs and pubs were visited.

“Few underage boys and girls were located and police interviewed them. They stated that they were accompanying some relatives,” said PPC Matamaru.

He said police had also checked nightclubs and pubs to make sure they adhered to the conditions of their license under the Liquor Act.

Below are the pubs and nightclubs visited and checked over the weekend.

  • Sportsman Pub (Barak)
  • Country Pub
  • Kuks Town Pub
  • Canoe Bar (Pacific casino)
  • Cowboys Grill
  • Scorpion Pub
  • Curve Night Club
  • KTV (Kukum)
  • KTV (Ranadi)
  • 4:30 Haus
  • Flamingo night club

“I would like to thank police officers who involved in the operation to make it a successful one. Our people need us and we are mandated to provide security to our people,” says Matamaru.

Similar police operations will continue and police will visit other pubs and nightclubs in Honiara during weekends.

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