School Games underway as Sogavare reminds students of RESPECT


Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare opened the first ever National School Games today with a strong call for the students to respect each other and their leaders.

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More than 3,000 student athletes and officials from 38 schools who will be competing in 13 sports over the next two weeks in venues that are spread over the city in what is described by Sogavare as a sporting extravaganza.

Commending the organisers Sogavare also used the opportunity to remind the students about respect in a society he refers to as a one that is experiencing a decay in “our moral and ethical values.”

Sogavare said: “Respect is an important virtue of any society. Humans interact with each other on a daily basis in different settings, and one of which is in sports competitions such as this games. “However, it is important that you all demonstrate respect for yourselves and to the teachers, organisers and the rules of the games.”

He continues: “Our society is one which is experiencing a decay in our moral and ethical values. We have people swearing at those in authorities with no fear whatsoever of the repercussions and this has been further exacerbated by the use of social media. This is a real concern.”


Sogavare urges the students to respect one another.

“I urge you all of you here today to treat yourselves and others with respect as you compete in this games. Youths are the building blocks of any country, the backbone of nation building. You are the future of this great country and I have great trust and confidence in your ability to lead this country when your time comes. As such, I ask you all to be respectful in your conduct,” he told the students and their teachers.

Sogavare also reminded the students that sports also create a space where a healthy life style can be promoted through physical activity and mental development.

“It is also an activity that helps us to build our social skills, and it also allows people from different cultures to interact in an environment regulated by rules. This goes a long way towards shaping a tolerant society where we learn to live together, whilst appreciating and respecting our diverse customs and culture. I encourage all of you to get to know competitors from other schools and to take this opportunity to learn and appreciate each other,” he said.

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