Police remove under-21s’ as it crackdown on underage drinking in clubs & pubs


Police have ejected many under 21-year-olds from nightclubs and pubs across the capital city as it launches operation into underage drinking in liquor license premises following complaints from the public.

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Deputy Commissioner of Police for National Security and Operation Support Ian Vaevaso told journalists this morning that they had observed that there many boys and girls being seen in the night clubs and pubs and were told to leave.

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The operation which is headed by the Liquor Unit and general duty officers from Central Police Station is targeted at nightclubs and pubs following public complaints in the social media and other platforms.

It is an offence to allow underage persons of 21 years to enter night clubs and pubs and be served with alcohol.  The Liqor Act: 50.7 spells out that it is an offence to sell alcohol to Person Under The Age Of 21 Years

Vaevaso said his officers had observed that there were many under-aged people in the the nightclubs and pubs.


“We told them to leave the places as they are restricted areas for those under 21 years,” he said.

The deputy chief said there were no arrests being made except for telling them to leave— but it is an offence for those premises to allow underage boys and girls to enter and take alcohol.

He said the pubs and night clubs were issued with restriction orders and were warned to adhere to the conditions of their license.

Vaevaso said police would continue to make regular visits to clubs and pubs in the city as they crackdown on under age drinking in clubs and pubs.

He stated that they had already visited most of the places in the city especially ones that reports claimed were admitting under age people into their premises.

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