Phone robbery leads to deadly ending


One of the five persons who allegedly attacked and robbed a phone from the owner was injured and later died in hospital after he was hit by the owner of the phone in Kukum area (road behind Kwaimani Building).

Commissioner of Police Mostyn Matanga told journalists this morning that on Saturday night a group of five boys attacked two males and escaped with a phone belonging to one of them.

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Mangau said whilst one of the boys fled – the owner of the phone stayed on and fought the five attackers. He added that the owner of the phone was over-powered by the five but he managed to defend himself— and was able to land a punch on the deceased who fell to the ground unconscious.

The owner of the phone, who is now the suspect, escaped whilst the four boys and some by standers helped to resuscitate the deceased.


Mangau said with the help of the boys and the bystanders he recovered and was taken to a market at Mbua Valley. However, two days later he died in hospital as a result of the knock he had received from the owner of the phone.

Mangau confirmed that the suspect is still at large and calls on the public in the area to support them in their investigations.

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