CAUSE condemns graphic writings on newly constructed concrete road at Vura Heights


CAUSE Project has condemned graphic writings on the newly constructed concrete road at Vura heights in East Honiara.

In a statement today it says it learned with concern of some graphics writings on the road.

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Vura road is a newly built road under the CAUSE Project of World Bank with 340 meters that will be concreted along the steep section of the entire 500 meters road, a 100 meters concrete section is also plan on the Vura 1 road.

“As construction work is still ongoing, we ask that Vura youths to respect the infrastructure and the contractor currently constructing the road,” CAUSE said in a statement.


It says the road will undoubtedly benefit everyone living along and commuting Vura roads; therefore, community needs to respect and have ownership of such infrastructure.

CAUSE Project strongly condemned such graphics on the newly constructed road, and that must be stop. 


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