Police probe why RSIPV Gizo surprisingly takes off, causing panic to PM & officials


Police is launching a full investigation into a major security lapse which threatened the safety of the Prime Minister after the new Guardian Class Patrol Boat RSIPV Gizo took off in full throttle unexpectedly when the PM was still at Buala Wharf during his recent visit to attend the Isabel Second Appointed Day.

An eye-witness says PM Manasseh Sogavare was just disembarked from the boat at Buala and talking to the officials there when Gizo took off surprisingly at high speed forcing the ropes tied to the wharf to break –  to the disbelief of those who were present there.

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“Luckily the ropes didn’t swing in the air or caused the wharf to fall otherwise it would hit those at the wharf,” the witness said.

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Because Gizo is long it berthed across the wharf not on the side as most boats usually do and this had avoided it from running aground, says the witness.

Speaking to journalists this morning Assistant Commissioner National Operations Everlyn Thugea confirmed the incident and said she had ordered an enquiry into incident. She added it was a concern to RISPF.


SBMOnline understands that unlike previous patrol boats the current one uses electronic system.

Sogavare was in Buala last week to attend the Isabel 2nd Appointed Day and this week he’s in Temotu also to celebrate with Temotuans during their 2nd Appointed Day. He is expected back in the capital on Sunday.

The new Guardian Class Patrol Boat, Gizo, was donated by the Government of Australia.

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