Henderson community acknowledges Police for UXO awareness talk


A female ask question during the awareness program

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Chairperson of the Flight 01 community behind Henderson International Airport, Doctor Pedical Togamae has acknowledged the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Team of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) for conducting an awareness program yesterday evening (2 June 2021).

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Dr Togamae says after few tragic accidents because of bomb blasts occurred in “our communities we feel that our residences may not be safe so we requested the EOD team to come and do some kind of awareness to our residence owners here.”

“This will help us know and identify the type of bombs — so that we can inform the EOD experts to come and remove it.”

A statement from the RSIPF Media Unit says a good number of community members turned up, and listened to the awareness talk.

Officer In Charge (OIC) Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Inspector Clifford Tunuki strongly warned the community members not to risk themselves by removing bombs when they sighted any.  


“Never ever attempt to move or tamper with a bomb,” says Tunuki.

OIC Tunuki says, “It is a common practice that some farmers in our communities use to light fire to grasses. This is a very dangerous habit and we need to be vigilant in all aspects to avoid any tragic incidence in future.”

Tunuki urges contractors doing excavations to be conscious when digging.

“Should you encounter any old rusty iron or bomb structures lying underground do call the police and report it,” the he adds.

“My team will always respond to investigate for bomb reports on that specific site— safely remove it to Hells Point, and destroy it.

“When you see any UXOs, it is advisable to mark the location—  but not closer than 3 metres from the suspicious item.”

Any sighting of UXOs call police toll free on phone 999 or call EOD Team on mobile 7495215 or 7495214 or you may report it to a nearest police station.

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