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OTTAWA: CANADA has granted a family of Four from the Province of Guadalcanal Permanent Residence making Canada’s labour mobility program with Solomon Islands unmatched.Canada’s Immigration and Citizenship division has communicated to Careka Volly and his family that the Minister of Immigration through its delegate officer has approved their permanent resident status.

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This means that the Volly family will call Canada its permanent new home. They also qualify for Canadian citizenship after meeting residency requirement of Canada.In a letter from Immigration and Citizenship Canada,

Mr Volly and his family members were informed that their application for permanent residence is now completed.“ Congratulations. You are now a permanent residence of Canada,” Letter from Canadian immigration office read,”.

Mr. Volly came to Canada under the labour mobility program initiated by the former Premier Anthony Veke during his term as Premier of Guadalcanal. Hon. Veke is the present Member of Parliament for West Guadalcanal Constituency.

Solomon Islands Hon. Consul General to Canada Mr. Ashwant Dwivedi confirmed that he has received documents that confirms that Mr. Volly and his family have been granted Permanent Residence Status. “Further the family have received their Permanent residence cards. This is a significant achievement under the labour mobility partnership with Canada. This is an unparalleled opportunity,” Mr. Dwivedi said.

A jubilant Mr. Volly has welcomed the news saying this is a significant achievement of his lifetime and that it is going to positively impact his family’s life.“On behalf of the Volly family, I would like to express gratitude to the previous Provincial Government of Guadalcanal led by Hon. Veke for your vision of its people and Guadalcanal Province, Guadalcanal Education Authority in facilitating this program and the Canadian Government for this opportunity and CITREC, “ Mr Volly said.“ This partnership between GP and Canada has permitted us to seek employment under temporary employment and then apply for Permanent residency in this magnificent country Canada. We are so honoured and privileged to be part of the work force in boosting this county’s economy,” Mr Volly said.

Mr Volly said that if it was not for labour mobility with Canada, he would still be struggling with finding employment opportunity back home.“Living in the Solomon Islands, employment is a major problem which most graduates and youth are encountering till this very present day. Growing up in the Solomon’s, I myself faced many situations unimaginable. All thanks to the Provincial Government of Guadalcanal for entrusting me with this undertaking in demonstrating what Solomon Islanders have to offer and their abilities,” Mr Volly said. “Challenges are building blocks as they say, all through out this process my family and I have faced many challenges but, in the end, we finally made it this far. “We have been granted Permanent residency here in Canada which has opened more opportunities and helped us to broaden our views more substantially and this is now the end,” Mr Volly said.

“As a father speaking, our children have more access to better education and Medical services offered by the Government in Canada. Working here I am able to support my parents and sibling and even our extended family members back in the Solomon’s. That’s the power of labour mobility in Canada and I am really thankful to be in Canada,” Mr Volly said.

“Looking back in life it has been really a blessing and answers to many prayers. One could not express how grateful I was when informed of being the first to be selected to this pilot program back in 2016 when the program commenced with Canada” Mr Volly said.

“There were times I had to make sacrifices just to be where I am now. Leaving my family for the first time to come to a country so far away with a huge difference in the geographic. “That is a big adjustment which I find challenging, but with the determinations and encouragements I received from the Consulate General for Solomon Islands Mr. Dwivedi has given me hope and courage that there is light at the end of the Tunnel,” Mr Volly said.

“I would like to thank God Almighty for his leading hand,” Mr Volly said.Mr Volly also acknowledged all parties who have worked so hard in making this opportunity a reality.

• The Government of Canada for Bestowing Solomon Islanders Employment opportunities.

• Hon. Consul General for Solomon Islands Ashwant Dwivedi for the continuous hard dedicated work and endless support to the Solomon Islands and its people.

• The former Guadalcanal Provincial Government and Former Premier for Guadalcanal Province now the Member of parliament for West Guadalcanal Hon. Anthony Veke. Thank you for your initiative and encouragement of exploring ways our youth of Guadalcanal and Solomon Islands to be able to seek employments in Canada.

• And the Guadalcanal Education Authority in particular Mr Suia and CITREC for helping us being job ready when we entered Canadian job market.Photo Caption: Mr. Careka Volly with his son Miyier Michaeldan at his Canada home displays his Canadian Permanent Residence Card which he just received from Government of Canada confirming his residency and that of other 3 additional members of his family:

Photo: Volly and his son.

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