3 days review of Public Health Programs and Technical Support completed


Public health, the science and art of preventing diseases, prolonging and improving quality of life has been an important cost effective and efficient health intervention method to addressing many health issues.

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This week the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) undertook a three days review of its public health programs and technical support.

Health Permanent Secretary Mrs. Pauline McNeil said that the review is critical to provide an overview of the strategic directions or corporate plans of the public health programs, appreciate achievements, and outputs against indictors, outcomes and impacts on the population.

“It is also important to identify and explore solutions to address challenges and improve on current situation, determine way forward in terms of actions, outputs linking with outcomes of programs services and contribute towards the development of the national health strategic plan, 2022 to 2026”, highlighted Mrs. McNeil.

Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Division (PRD)


Mrs McNeil acknowledged the commitment and dedication of public health officers despite also engaging in the COVID-19 response and expressed sincere appreciation for the many achievements noted during the review.

“However as identified in the review, there are many challenges to overcome, gaps to patch and linkages to construct for effective and efficient delivery of public health programs and projects under the Ministry”, explained Mrs McNeil.

Currently around 13 public health programs are being managed and implemented by the Ministry of Health which includes Environmental Health, Health Promotion, Reproductive, Maternal, Neonate, Child, Adolescent, Health Division (RMNCAH), Mental Health Services to name a few.

The Ministry of Health remains grateful to the continuous support rendered by Health donors and partners towards these public health programs.

“Without your support through financial and technical inputs towards these programs, we would not have been able to also reach where we are today with our programs. Therefore, our success is very much attributable to your wonderful support towards our efforts to make Solomon Islands a healthy society with its population able to contribute towards economic development and aspirations of the country.

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