Social Media speculations linking PG 2023 construction materials to offloading activities at a Log Pond near Alligator Creek, East of Honiara are incorrect and authorities condemn such misleading rumors.

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Authorities responsible for the implementation of the Pacific Games 2023 including the National Hosting Authority, the 2023 Cabinet Sub-Committee  and China Civil Engineering Construction issued a statement today denying social media report that materials for the main stadium and other sporting facilities were being offloaded or unloaded deviously at the Gallego company log pond near Alligator Creek.

The social media post has attracted much negative commentaries towards authorities and the games development.

The joint statement noted the commentaries and wishes to express their dismay at the proponents of anti-china sentiments in Solomon Islands.

“Such orchestration of Sino-phobia is counterproductive in our effort to strengthen our diplomatic relationship with the People’s Republic of China,” the Statement said.

“At no time has CCECC breached customs laws and regulations of Solomon Islands”, the statement added.

The Statement said the lies spread to discredit the good work of the games authorities and the Chinese contractor towards sports development in Solomon Islands will not be tolerated.

Relevant government enforcement authorities will be asked to conduct a thorough investigation into the allegations.

The PG2023 is a flagship policy of the DCGA government thus; all government agencies through the Government Services Integration Committee (GSIC) are involved. This concerted effort is a testament to DCGA’s seriousness in implementing the games. The GSIC mechanism will be utilized to find the underlying cause.

Should there be misconduct and breach of customs and quarantine laws and regulations sniffed, perpetrators will be dealt with appropriately and may face the full brunt of our sovereign laws.

Meanwhile, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury McKinnie Dentana have clarified that offloading of cargoes at the Gallego wharf was in order.

Mr. Dentana said all requirements were met and the cargo owners have paid all necessary fees and responsible officers were deployed onsite to monitor the process. Police was also on site.

Dentana said the offloading process was made since the Honiara port could not cater to accommodate incoming cargoes coupled with the traffic congestion from the heart of Honiara to the Eastern end and beyond.

“With more development happening at the Eastern side and on Guadalcanal, this is going to be a huge challenge,” he said.

It is hoped that the Leeroy wharf at Ranadi and other wharves near Honiara can be certified to relieve SIPA’s international Port congestion.

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