CEMA re-engages with rural farmers


The Commodities Exports Marketing Authorities (CEMA) is stepping up its operation to re-engage in trading activities with local farmers in and around the country.

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This is following the launch of the CEMA Revitalisation and Recapitalisation Strategy 2021 – 2027 in Honiara today.

Chairperson of the CEMA Cabinet Sub Committee, Hon. Augustine Auga described the moment as a milestone for the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) and a historical moment for the country that the nation witnesses the revival of CEMA to re-start its purchasing, selling and exporting of our local commodities.

“This is truly a huge benefit for our rural farmers and villagers,” said Hon. Auga.

This is a testament of the determination of the DCGA in its continuous efforts to drive towards improving the lives of our rural people.

“The Government is fully aware that 85% of our people lives in the rural villages, thus is vital to reinstate CEMA trading function to reach out to our remote farmers and villagers throughout our nation,” Hon. Auga said.

According to the Chairman, the launch of the CEMA revitalisation and recapitalisation strategy is purposely to increase economic activities in the rural sector particularly in the agriculture commodities and other related sectors of our economy.

“The outcome of this strategy is to motivate our rural farmers to improve the quality of production, value adding in manufacturing and processing of our local commodities for domestic and export markets, and ultimately to contribute towards an increase in gross domestic production by 10% per annum starting in 2022,” he said.

The Chairman also took the opportunity to acknowledge the former Democratic Coalition for Change Government (DCCG) for seeing it fit to establish the CEMA CSC and Technical Working Committee in February 2016 to take on the “daunting task to revive and reinstate the CEMA trading and commercial function.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to formally thank our Guest of Honour the Hon. Prime Minister and the Members of your Cabinet in 2016 for the vision that you all had to revive CEMA for the betterment of our rural farmers and villagers,” he said.

The Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement is fully committed to the implementation of its policy priorities in the interest of economic empowerment, national stability and the wellbeing of its citizens.


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