Statement from Premier Suidani, Taiwan

Premier Suidani would like to put on record accurate information regarding stories around his medical treatment as reported in the media and twisted by GCU Press article entitled “Act of Evil Backfires”. The author of the GCU Press obviously writes with evil and deceitful intent based on twisted mind.

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DateCorrespondenceRequestResponse from MPGIS
January 26Letter to MPGISRelease to travel overseas in order to qualify for travel allowance.Agreed, but no international travel allowance given.
January 26Letter to MPGISRequest for i) overseas daily allowance, ii) housing allowance, iii) medical entitlement, iv) any other supportAgreed for some payment of costs
FebruaryPayment of ward grant touring allowance, five months housing allowance (SBD$3, 000 a month), medical allowance, education grant, and salary. ward grant touring allowance, five months housing allowance (SBD$3, 000 a month), medical allowance, education grant, and salary.
5 MarchLetter to Overseas Referral CommitteeSupport for treatment in Mater Hospital.NO RESPONSE
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There were two correspondences to the MPGIS following referral by a senior medical doctor in Honiara for Premier Suidani to undertake further overseas medical diagnosis and treatment.

First, Malaita Provincial Secretary wrote on January 26 to the Minister MPGIS for the release of Premier Suidani to travel to Brisbane to get medical diagnosis and treatment.

Second, on the same date, the Premier wrote to MPGIS requesting MPGIS support towards his overseas medical treatment costs by granting him the following: (i) overseas daily allowances; (ii) payment of housing allowance; (iii) release medical entitlement; (iv) any other support.  

The Minister of MPGIS on 28 January approved the request for Premier Suidani to attend medical treatment. The PS MPGIS on 29 January responded to the Premier’s request that they would look at some of his entitlements.

The PS MPGIS further stated that MPGIS is “processing [the Premier’s] Ward Touring allowance, medical entitlement, daily travel allowance (overseas) and other entitlements. The financial assistance may not be enough taken into consideration the dire state of our finances (due to Covid19) but we hope it will help contribute to the total cost of your medical trip and treatment”.

Premier Suidani, in February, received on his payday a total of SI$52, 000 (AU$8,479) in his account. This amount paid by MPGIS was a payment of the following: ward grant touring allowance, five months housing allowance (SI$3, 000 a month), medical allowance, education grant, and salary.

Premier Suidani appreciates that MPGIS considered his request for assistance and paid the various allowances despite the country’s financial circumstances. However, it is important to note that the allowances are part of provincial member entitlements. The Premier requested MPGIS to assist in paying these allowances so that he could meet his travel, accommodation, and medical costs.

The Minister of MPGIS told the Premier that information about his request for a release for medical treatment overseas had reached the Prime Minister.  The Premier was also informed that some Cabinet Ministers were aware of his release request to travel abroad for the treatment.


Premier Suidani was approached by two government Ministers (names withheld) who mentioned that the Prime Minister is aware of his health situation. The two Ministers told the Premier that the government is happy to assist meet the cost of the medical treatment overseas.

However, the two Ministers advised that what Premier Suidani must do is meet and shake hands with the Prime Minister at the Prime Minister’s Office. The two Ministers told the Premier to think about the offer and give an answer as soon as possible.

The Premier declined the offer because if the national government was genuine, why come up with an offer with a condition attached. He refused to accept the offer with the condition attached because it would send a mixed message to his Malaita people and compromise his position regarding the democratic and Christian values, he and his MARA government embrace. The Premier conveyed this to the two government Ministers, and that was the end of the offer discussion.

Following the doctor’s referral for the Premier to undertake overseas medical diagnosis and treatment, communications were made between like-minded Malaitans to find a hospital in the Brisbane area where the Premier can go for medical diagnosis and treatment.

Mater Public Hospital (MPH) in Brisbane was identified, and discussion around the diagnosis and treatment cost was explored. Based on the information supplied, MPH came up with an estimated cost for the diagnosis and expected treatment to be AU$121, 663.00 (SI$ 745,991.66), which was required to be paid in full before admission. Following negotiation with Mater, it was agreed Suidani could make an upfront payment of 60% (AU$72,997.80 or SI$ 447,444.91).

Premier Suidani could not travel in February because the amount of SI$52, 000 (AU$8,479) he received from MPGIS was inadequate to cover the overseas upfront payment before hospital admission requirement, travel, and accommodation costs.

Premier Suidani made a follow up check with the doctor in Honiara, and his condition was deteriorating. The doctor on 5 March made a referral to the Overseas Referral Committee of the NRH to assist. From March to May, there is no response from the Committee.

To raise funds to meet the Premier’s overseas medical cost the GoFundMe online platform was set up. Through the GoFunMe platform and support from his family, several good-hearted Malaitans, and Friends, the Premier was able to travel to Brisbane based on medical grounds. Celsus Talifilu, who worked closely with the Premier, was in Brisbane for a month to see how best the premier can be assisted with the medical costs, particularly meeting upfront hospital admission fees.

During this entire period there, was no communication from the Overseas Referral Committee of the NRH. There was no confirmation from Mater Hospital that the Government “is paying a total of AU$ 121,663.00 (approximately SI$748,227.00) for Suidani’s medical bill to Mater Hospital in Brisbane” as reported by the GCU Press. When did the government pay this bill?

The DCGA can try to coverup with more lies from GCU Press. But the plain truth is, there is no written communication from DCGA that it is “paying Suidani’s medical bill at Mater Hospital”. There is also no response from the Overseas Referral Committee of the NRH since March that it would assist support the Premier with overseas medical costs.

When humanitarian support came from Taiwan as a result of a concerted effort of friends reaching out to Taiwan, Premier Suidani decided to accept that humanitarian support because his life matters.

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