Suidani in Taiwan for medical treatment, Premier thanks ROC


The Premier of Malaita has confirmed that he is currently in Taiwan for medical treatment and extends his family’s and his province’s appreciation for the Republic of China’s support.

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In a statement this afternoon from Taiwan, his office said: “The Premier Daniel Suidani, his family and the MARA Malaita Provincial Government would like to sincerely thank Taiwan for its kindness in extending its humanitarian assistance to the Premier to undergo an urgent Head CT/MRI scan diagnosis and treatment in Taiwan.”

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The statement said Suidani has been ill for the last 5 months with a provisional diagnosis pointing to a probable brain space occupying lesion.

“Medical doctors in Honiara referred Suidani for an urgent Head CT/MRI scan diagnosis and treatment overseas. His case was referred to the Overseas Referral Committee of the National Referral Hospital in Solomon Islands on 5 March 2021 for assistance. But since then, there was no response from the Committee.

“In an effort to do private fundraising to support Premier Suidani’s medical case many good hearted Malaitans and friends have given financial support to help the Premier get overseas medical treatment as soon as possible.


“A GoFundMe account was also created online in mid February to reach out to friends and supporters overseas. Through the GoFundMe online platform, overseas supporters and friends who share the same democratic values and principles that Premier Suidan fiercely defend were able to help,” the statement said.

Premier Suidani and his family would like to sincerely thank those who have supported the course to ensure he gets medical treatment and those who have spread the information around.

Through this concerted effort of these friends reaching out to Taiwan, it made it possible for Taiwan to support the diagnosis and treatment.

Premier Suidani is in Taipei for medical reasons as outlined. He is fighting for his life. He sincerely thanks Taiwan for making it possible for him to seek medical treatment in one of the most advance medical places in the world.

Solomon Islands had ended its 36 years bilateral relationship with Taiwan in 2019 infavour of Peoples Republic of China, however, Malaita Province has refused to recognize China.

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