Australia’s Direct Aid Program helps build a new wharf in Choiseul


Congratulations to the people of Sirovanga and surrounding communities in Choiseul for completing the construction of a new concrete wharf.

The Australian Government, through its Direct Aid Program, is pleased to have funded the project, which was led by Mark Biloko and Father Simon Suvenava. The new concrete wharf replaced the old wharf built in the sixties.

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Counsellor Political Kevin Playford handed over the new wharf on 18 May during a wonderful celebration at Sirovanga in Choiseul. The ceremony was attended by the Provincial Secretary of Choiseul Jeffrey Pakipota, Father Simon Suvena, Community Chief and elders and the people in Sirovanga and surrounding communities.

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The Project Coordinator, Mark Biloko, thanked the Australian Government for funding the wharf and encouraged the local communities to maintain the wharf in good condition to ensure its sustainability for future generations.

During the handover ceremony, Counsellor Political Kevin Playford congratulated and thanked Mark Biloko and Father Simon Suvenava for coordinating the project and everyone in Sirovanga and surrounding communities for their contributions.

“This project is a very good example of what we can do when we all work together.”


“I’m very pleased that Australia was able to provide the necessary funds to help rebuild the wharf – ensuring that sick children, pregnant women, people with disability and everyone in Sirovanga and surrounding communities can use this wharf to safely reach the health clinic, market, trade store and church’

“Australia and Solomon Islands are partners. We support each other in good times, and in tough times, including as we face the shared challenge of COVID-19 and its impacts. From our Direct Aid Program, which supported Sirovanga Wharf Rehabilitation project, to our health and education programs, Australia stands with Solomon Islands.

The Direct Aid Program is a small grants fund managed by the Australian High Commission in Solomon Islands, which supports community-led projects and seeks to improve living standards.

For more information on Australia’s Direct Aid Program (DAP), please contact the DAP Officer by email: [email protected] or by phone on 21561.

The Sirovanga Wharf Rehabilitation Project started in 2017. Since then the community has been working tirelessly to complete the wharf, which has improved access to vital facilities, including the health clinic, market and trade store.


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