CEMA revitalisation implementation next month


The revitalisation and recapitalisation strategy for the Commodities Export and Marketing Authority (CEMA) is expected to commence next month.

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This is according to the Director of the CEMA Cabinet Sub- Committee Mr. Martin Housanau when his team visited and briefed the Prime Minister this week.

Following a baseline review update, a report was completed and endorsed by the cabinet sub-committee last year, the CEMA board of directors endorsed the recommendations of the CEMA revitalisation and recapitalisation strategy 2021- 2027 in April this year.

As part of his briefing to the Prime Minister, Housanau stated some of the priorities in place.

This include restructuring of the CEMA organisational and management structure, consolidation of ISO standards, regulations and legislations and preparations of new regulations, repairs and maintenance of the Honiara warehouse and provincial buying centres and purchasing, selling and exporting of commodities to overseas buyers.

According to Housanau, a total budget of SBD26 million dollars is estimated for the implementation of its priorities specifically for the first and second phases of the strategy.

Housanau further highlighted some of the activities outlined for this year which include the CEMA’s restructuring exercise, assessment of its facilities and drafting of new regulations for new commodities.

In response, the Hon. Prime Minister expressed his appreciation and congratulated the CEMA CSC for its tireless effort and working together with the Secretariat to complete the CEMA revitalisation strategy 2021 – 2027 on time.

He further stressed the important role that CEMA as a conduit for market access to all farmers played in the economy as a whole.

The export marketing sector for local commodities is a vital link to growing the rural sector this where CEMA plays an important role in terms of stimulating growth in the rural economy.

The CEMA Revitalisation and Recapitalisation Strategy 2021 – 2027 will be officially launched by the Hon. Prime Minister on Monday 31st of May 2021 at the SIPA Unity Square close to the CEMA Building after which an official visit by the invited Guests to the CEMA laboratories will be convened.

The Prime Minister was also presented with the CEMA Cabinet Sub Committee (CSC) Reports – Baseline Review Update 2020 and CEMA Revitalisation & Recapitalisation Strategy 2021 – 2027 by the CEMA CSC Secretariat on Wednesday 26th May, 2021.

The Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) is fully committed to the implementation of its policy priorities in the interest of the wellbeing of its citizens, national stability and economic empowerment.


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