Doctor cautions against placing mobiles in pockets because of radiation


The country’s leading Radiologist and Medical Doctor, Dr. Aaron Oritaimae, has cautioned mobile users not to place their phones in their pockets because of effects of radiation.

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Speaking in Honiara today, Dr Oritaimae cautions males from placing their phones in their front and back-pockets – as it will affect their gonads.

At the same-time he said females should avoid placing their phones in their shirt’s front pocket or even in the bra because of radiation.

He made the statement today during the discussions on the effects of radiation and the need to create a legislation to manage, control and monitor radiation in the country.

He said a study is being carried out overseas on the effects of radiation through mobiles.


“For the time-being we should put away mobile phones from pockets and bras (front-pockets),” he said.

Dr Oritaimae who is a graduate radiologist from Australia explains that a mobile is a devise that picks up radio-waves (microwaves) just as microwave ovens. He adds both use same wave-length and frequency.

“The difference is microwave changes it into temperature whereas mobile changes it into smart messaging,” said the doctor.

He said the risk of putting a mobile in the pocket is because when it rings or a text message is sent— this is the time the phone is highly exposed to radiation.

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