Aust. bound seasonal workers get awareness talk on driving in Australia


Solomon Islands Professional Driver Training Services (SIPDTS) this afternoon delivered an awareness talk on driving in Australia to the seasonal workers who will be heading out of the country later this month.

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 SIPDTS was requested by the Labour Mobility Unit to participate in the pre-departure programme after fatal motor-vehicle accidents involving Solomon Islands seasonal workers driving in Australia in the past year and lately.

SIPDTS which was established two years ago and based at the St Barnabas Probet Hall is the leading driving school in the country.

Chief Driving Instructor Alvin Indu reminded the seasonal workers who will be driving in Australia to be mindful and they must abide by the traffic rules there if they plan to drive.

He said one of the basic rules is to ensure that vehicles are checked and are in good condition before they are driven on the roads.

Indu who spent some time working and driving in Australia said vehicles are good but they are also weapons. “Either you kill yourself or you kill others,” he said.

He stresses that accidents don’t just happen, but they they are caused— adding that some of the causes are alcohol and fatigue.

To avoid this, he strongly reminded the seasonal workers that aspire to drive in Australia not to drink whilst driving and they must have proper rest before driving on long distances.


Meanwhile Indu also took the opportunity to explain road-signs and what do they mean to a driver.

“I want you to understand the road rules and get used to them,” he said.

He explains that the signs tell the driver what is the speed limit and what is ahead.

Indu said one important thing the drivers must know is that the lives of their passengers are in their hands therefore they must take extra care once they are behind the wheels.

He reiterated to the seasonal workers that drivers should never have drunk whilst they are driving.

He also reminded the seasonal workers to stick by the rules and always drive safe whilst they are in Australia.

The session was a free contribution by SIPDTS as they team up with other stakeholders to ensure a safe stay for the Solomon Islanders in Australia.

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