Counting of last 2 batches resumes at 8am for South Choiseul seat


The result of the South Choiseul by-election is expected later today after counting stopped late last night after three of the five batches were counted.

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Gina Maka’a of SIBC told this magazine this morning from Taro, Choiseul that counting resumed at 8am on the two remaining batches before the result is announced.

She said counting stopped after 10pm last night after three batches were counted.

Counting started after 1pm after the boxes were taken to Taro from South Choiseul after Wednesday’s election.


“Everything here is peaceful. Police is also here so things run very smoothly,” Maka’a said.

The election was held following the dismissal of the former MP Robert Qalokalo by the High Court in a petition against him by one of the losing candidates in the 2019 National General Election.

Qalokalo was found guilty of bribery during the election.

Six candidates contested the by-election.

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