Police to investigate sale of airport land to Chengs


Commissioner of Police Mostyn Mangau has confirmed that his office has already received a formal complaint into the alleged corrupt sale of a plot land at Henderson to Chengs.

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The land is reversed for the extension of the Henderson Airport. Chengs has already constructed a building in the area.

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Transparency Solomon Islands this week issued a statement stating that the allegation [forgery] by the Commissioner of Lands that the signature of the Levers [RIPEL] Solomons Ltd Board Director, Patrick Wong, was forged is a serious allegation requiring the police and other responsible institutions [JANUS] to step in, investigate and arrest the person or persons or firms hired or engaged by Chengs Company implicated in this corrupt dealing.

Mangau confirmed to the media this morning that the file from the Commissioner of Lands is now with his officers and they would be investigating the case.


In the statement, TSI said whether Chengs Company already bought the land or not, it holds the view that the location of the plot is supposedly on land that was compulsory acquired from Levers for development needs of the National Airport in the name of public good and purpose.

“Such compulsory acquired land should remain the property of the government for the purpose for which it was acquired. Therefore besides what the Commissioner of Land is fighting for a lot dealings that needs to be examined here. Perhaps this is a scheme for extortion of money from the government when the airport is developed and improved. How can Chengs Company be allowed to do so through this foreigner?” TSI says in the statement.

It continues: “The reason why this land cannot be allocated to anyone be it with correct signatory from Patrick Wong or not is simple. Plane used the airport every day for take-off and landing, thus the airport needs a clear space on its surrounding areas unlike this building was built just a meter away from the fence. The building which the company built is just beside the fence of the Henderson airport and right under the power lines of Solomon Power.

The building is located between the airport fence and the highway road is very risky and portrays that something is not right with those dealing with the company to construct a building on that area, says TSI.

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