Light steel factory construction begins at Mamara New City near Poha



Construction of a light steel factory is underway near the Mamara New City project west of Honiara, which will provide more job opportunities for locals with the potential to boost the country’s export sector.

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Once become operational, the factory will put Solomon Islands in the list of few countries in the region to host a steel factory besides Australia and New Zealand.

The factory is part of the development plan for the Mamara New City project at the Mamara- Tasivarongo- Mavo land.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Labour and Immigration (MCILI) Riley Mesepitu said the factory would be located at Poha.


He said the factory will not only provide job opportunities for locals but it will also boost the country’s potential for exportation of primary products.

Mr. Mesepitu added that construction work is now underway alongside the construction of the public servants’ housing project.

The developer’s representative, Mr Yii Ging Hii who is also Malaysia’s honorary consul to Solomon Islands said earlier the Mamara- Tasivarongo- Mavo project will not only host residential homes, hotels and other facilities but will also host light industries.


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