Man arrested for alleged rape of his mother


A 44-year-old man has been arrested in Ngella and charged with incest for alleged having sexual intercourse with his mother (between 65-70 years-old) in what police describes as in-human and condemns it in the strongest manner.

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It was alleged that the incident happened on the 8th of May when the mother was preparing food in the kitchen between 8-9pm when her son came from behind and allegedly had the sexual intercourse with her.

The mother then reported the incident and police with the help of the community leaders arrested the suspect. He was formally charged with incest and is now remanded in police custody awaiting his trial in the court of law.


The incident happened in a village in Small Ngella, Central Islands Province.

Mangau sai: “The action is what we can’t accept in our country because of our values and traditional norms. We strongly condemn the action as it is inhuman and police will not tolerate such an inhuman act against women or girls.”

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