6 arrested for alleged rape of primary school girl


Six males have been arrested on Choiseul for the alleged rape of a 13-year-old girl, Commissioner of Police Mostyn Mangau told reporters this morning.

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According to Police, about 9pm on 29th April at the sea side area in Pangoe Village the suspects forced the victim to lay down and they pushed an object into her private part. The suspects also tied a piece of cloth around the victim’s mouth which stopped her from seeking assistance.

Managu says the victim could not call for assistance because of the piece of cloth the suspects tied to her mouth.

The police chief says all of the males are in their 20s except for one who is a 16-years-old. The victim is a Grade 5 pupil.

Taro Police have arrested the six suspects who are now awaiting to be dealt with by RSIPF.

Mangau reiterates his call saying that given the growing number of rape cases in the country it is now high time that the “we parents’ and our communities must work together to protect our females and those vulnerable people in our communities.”

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