Sky Aelan wins Best Short Documentary Film in Australia


A short documentary filmed by 9 local filmmakers won an award in an international film festival. Sky Aelan won the Best Short Documentary in Melbourne Short Film Festival.

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Sky Aelan in action
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The film was awarded by the judges during the online edition of the festival, April 23 – May 2, 2021.

Sky Aelan, is directed by Daniel Kakadi, Edward Manuga, Jeremy Gwao, Junior Patrick Makau, Mannar Levo, Georgianna Lepping, Regina Lepping, Neil Nuia and Zahyd Namo.

The film tries to capture the magic of three places. Kolobangara was selected for the unique environment. Lees Lake, Raripaina and Ferafolia for the unique culture and also importantly how the nature and people intertwine in these places.


Sky Aelans also received the runner up award for best short documentary in December last year from Anchorage Film Festival 2020.

One of the Producers Tracy Rector of Nia Tero shared with the film crew the achievement of being noticed in Anchorage film festivals due to the strong reputation and a large Indigenous following the festival has.

“People are hearing your message and are inspired,” said Tero.

 Sky Aelan has been shown in more than ten international film festivals around the world including Imagine Native, Maoriland, Lubee film festival, Pasifika, Calgary International and the Rasbury International Film festival.

Sky Islands has always intrigued biologists, the high places with their isolation and unique biodiversity are seen as islands in the sky. The 400m pledge to block all logging and mining above this altitude was a recognition of these special places. The filmmakers are overwhelmed by this achievement and hopes the message in the film amplifies the unheard voices. The successful film expedition was held in 2019 with Nia Tero Organisation. Led by Dan Lin and the Sky Island The 9 filmmakers are from One More Shot.

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