Mamara project to create employment for locals


THE Mamara Township Development Project is expected to create economic spinoffs and employment for locals in the country.

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Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare during the ground breaking ceremony today said the project currently employs 66 expatriates and 110 local with the number of locals continuing to increase. 

The Prime Minister said when construction is fully fledged it is expected that 500 locals will be employed with 180 expatriates.

“Having our locals working together with their expatriate counterparts is important for skills and technology transfer,” he said.

Prime Minister Sogavare said this is an opportunity for our locals to learn certain skills that comes with the construction of such mammoth project.

“I believe that this opportunity for skills and knowledge to transfer will be fully utilised by our local workers,” he said.


The Prime Minister said a lot is expected to come out of this project in terms of work ethics as well.

He said we are known for our laid-back approach to life in general and unfortunately this has also been transmitted to our workplaces and this has affected our productivity on both the organisational level and at the national.

“This partnership should not only be seen through the economic lenses only. Our local workers must engage with their expatriate counterparts with a view to adding value to their attitude and work ethics as well,” he said.

Prime Minister Sogavare urged local workers who are engaged in the project to take the most out of their experience.

He said there are many other national projects that the government is planning and the experience gained here can go a long way in securing employment in these future projects.

“I believe that this project will also provide huge market for goods and services, especially to those who lives in the surrounding villages and communities. This economic opportunity will definitely impact your lives,” he said.


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