Agovaka reveals SI has highest access to pornography sites online


Minister of Aviation and Communication Peter Shanel Agovaka has questioned the morality of Solomon Islands as a Christian country as he reveals that an internet survey shows it has the highest access to pornography sites on the internet.

Speaking in Parliament this week, Agovaka said the government is working on legislations to protect the population from harmful materials online.

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He told Parliament that an Internet survey has shown that Solomon Islands has the highest access to pornography sites on the web.

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“That now brings me to question the morality of our people and nation—whom we claim to be 90 percent Christian.


“We have a young population and it is our collective responsibility to protect these vulnerable population,” Agovaka said.

He said in this regard, the ministry is working on a legislation to review existing acts of parliament to protect “our people from harmful content on the internet that includes obscene Facebook and pornography.”

He said ICT is good for the development of the country but it also needs to be controlled.

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