DCGA GP MPs’ claim Premier Sade is threat to Guadalcanal Province


Guadalcanal Members of Parliament with the ruling DCGA government expressed their disappointment with the manner in which Guadalcanal Premier is behaving lately.

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In this week’s Island Sun newspaper, Premier Francis Sade issued a warning to the national government. He said that all national projects happening within Guadalcanal Province will be disrupted and jeopardized by his sub-national government.

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Premier Sade delivered his menace by saying that the national government, quote “will face tough challenges to deal with Guadalcanal Province on any development the national government are planning to do in Guadalcanal”, end quote.

To name a few, some of the national projects he intend to block are, the Tina Hydro project, the JICA funded road expansion, the JICA international airport expansion, the Pacific Games 2023, Police outpost constructions, Former Taiwanese Farm relocation, Lunga Water Treatment Plant, Mamara development, Alligator Creek Market, Gold Ridge Mining, PCDF funded projects and all other line-ministry projects on Guadalcanal.

The GP MPs therefore, questioned the credibility and sanity or the state of mind of Premier Sade as of late.

They questioned his credibility and sanity under section 15.(1) (a)&(c) of the Provincial Government Act 1997. The provisions reads that ‘a person shall be disqualified from membership of a provincial assembly if the person-(a) is, by virtue of his own act, under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience or adherence to a foreign power or state and (c) is certified to be insane or otherwise adjudged to be of unsound mind under Solomon Islands law’.  

They said to make such threat is counterproductive to development of Guadalcanal Province and Solomon Islands as a whole. When Guadalcanal develops, the rest of Solomon Islands develop.


They said the MOU between Guadalcanal Province and Ministries of Finance and Mines regarding the Tina Hydro which the premier referred to is an administrative matter. The Provincial Secretary of Guadalcanal Province should be following up on such matters.

The Guadalcanal Members of Parliament demanded Premier Sade to convene the Joint Coordinating Committee Meeting (JCCM). The JCCM platform is the avenue the Premier and his Executive can advance issues, matters and developmental aspirations of Guadalcanal Province.

Premier Sade has failed the province in that regard and chooses to use the media to senselessly attack us GP MPs.

How can we know what Premier Sade and his executive want for the province when they are not communicating with us, they questioned? For him to mirror his failure on us Members of Parliament is unprofessional and childish. Premier Sade needs to man up and call the JCCM. They said.

Finally, the Guadalcanal MPs said they will not be engaging in future media exchanges and expects the convening of the JCCM as stipulated under the Provincial Government Act 1997.


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