Police officers join armed group to damage properties in Mamara


Officers of the Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) at Henderson Police Station are investigating an armed group of men who entered the Metropolis Development site at Mamara in West Guadalcanal and damaged some properties on 16 April 2021.
Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Guadalcanal Province Chief Superintendent Alfred Uiga says, “The group of men entered the Mamara site on three vehicles — fully armed with weapons. They moved into the site aggressively and chased the Chinese workers. They also used abusive words towards them.”
PPC Uiga says, “It is alleged that the motive behind the incident was because of a Chinese worker has harassed two local female workers previously so the group went in there to ask compensation.”
Chief Superintendent Uiga says, “the sad thing is some police officers and a former police officer have involved in the incident which does not reflect well of a disciplined organisation. My team will send a complete file to Professional Internal Investigation Department (PSII) to deal with police officers who involved.”
Mr Uiga says, “Police have identified the suspects and the vehicles used. The suspects will not hide and they should come forward to police. In any conflict, there is a way to deal with such matters. Dot not try to take the laws in to your own hands. It is a serious allegation and police will take stern action for such actions.”


RSIPF Media Unit

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