Woman’s last phone call to husband to save her, “help me, help me, help me”


By Robert Luke Iroga

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The Chinese businesswoman, 44, who was allegedly killed in her shop on Tuesday in Honiara in her last moments had made a frantic last minute call on her husband – pleading for help, crying: “help me, help me, help me” when she was attacked with a kitchen knife.

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Commissioner of Police Mostyn Mangau told journalists this afternoon that these were her last words to her husband as she was over-powered by her attacker. The husband in response rushed to their shop at Point Cruz but he was unable to enter as it was locked from the inside.

The husband then sought assistance from the neighbor shop-owners in the White Angel building to enter into his store via their shop but they too were unable to enter so they called the police for help. The police including fire department arrived and they made forced entry from the neighbouring shop using fire fighting equipment.

“The husband of the deceased walked in and they (including officers) saw her lying in a pool of blood,” Managu said.

Kitchen knife

Mangau confirmed that a kitchen knife was used and the women was badly wounded. The knife was also left on the side of the deceased.

“The attack was very brutal and there were several wounds on her body. The knife also went through her back,” he added.


Usual entry

According to the police chief, the woman usually entered her shop each morning from the northern gate (side facing Hot-Bread) and from there she usually came to the main-door (facing All Saints Church) area, opened it from the inside, knocked, before her shopkeepers opened it. The shop keepers usually waited at the front gate and opened the door by rolling it up.

However, Managau said on Tuesday the shop keepers waited but she had not opened the door on time as she usually did.

Mangau confirmed that the woman was coming to work from Ranadi in East Honiara that morning after dropping off her twin sons at Chung Wah School.  


Meanwhile Mangau said his officers had taken the hard drive from of the CCTV and they would be working on it in the comings. He said the CCTV would help them in their investigations.

Mangau said Police has not made any arrests but they were talking to people who were around the place at that time of the incident as part of their investigations.

He appealed to the public not to spread rumours but allow police to carry out its work.

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