New Mayor to be elected on Thursday, nominations open


APRIL 13th  2021 – Honiara, Solomon Islands. The date for the election of the new Mayor of Honiara City has been declared by the Minister of Home Affairs Hon. Christopher Laore under section 72 of the Honiara City Act 1999, to be held on Thursday this week.

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Deputy City Clerk Fred Warereau confirmed that the Gazette Notice has been received and all formalities will proceed.

The election must be conducted in the same manner as if it were an election of the Mayor after an ordinary election.

The notice further states that for the avoidance of doubt, the following applies: Nominations for the election of the Mayor must be done according to the standing orders of the Honiara City Council.

Also Quorum of the City Council must be in accordance with Standing Orders of the City Council.

In the event of the vote for the Mayor’s position being a tie, then there must be a one hour recess.

After the recess the Council must resume for the purpose of casting their votes for the position of the Mayor for a second time.

In the event that the vote is still a tie, then there must be a call for a fresh nominations for the vacancy of the Mayor by the City Clerk, in which the election must take place within seven days from 15th April 2021.

Nominations for the Mayor’s post will be open for 12 hrs prior to the election date.

This election is necessary following the ousting of the former mayor Wilson Mamae two weeks ago.


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