Asian businesswoman allegedly killed in her shop


A Chinese businesswoman was allegedly murdered overnight at the Point Cruz in Honiara.

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The Central Business District of Honiara was shocked this morning after discovering that one of the Chinese women who owned a shop in the same building as the White Angel Shop opposite of All Saints area at Point Cruz was allegedly murdered in the building possibly overnight.

SBMOnline was on site and around 9am this morning the street was packed with people wanting to know what has happened.

Police and emergency services were on site and after nearly an hour later appeared with the body of the female in a body bag.

A senior member of the Chinese community told SBMOnline that the murder of the female was similar to that of Town Ground. This was some years ago when people entered their shop and killed the couple at night.


Meanwhile information that SBMonline gathered from the scene from some of the investigators say that the alleged murder(s) entered the shop, killed the Chinese then locked her inside the building.

“We don’t know exactly what time it happened, but that’s what we know and our investigations will go on into the case” one officer said.

It is not clear whether there is CCTV in the building to assist police in their investigations.

Many Honiara residents were shocked to hear the killing of the mother of two.

“It is very sad that a woman was killed this way,” said one mother.

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