Premier Sade backs Suidani to challenge CDF in court


The Premier of Guadalcanal Province, Francis Sade, has backed his Malaita colleague Daniel Suidani to challenge the legality of the Constituency Development Fund in court.

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Suidani announced last week that he is tasking his office to gather more information with the view to challenging the legality of the CDF. Under CDF each MP receives millions of dollars a year funneled directly to their constituencies.

In meeting today between the two premiers, Sade has welcomed and strongly supported the recent public statement by the Premier Suidani of Malaita province to take the RCDF Scheme to court. 

“Hon colleague my government has been discussing the matter with the same view you have have.  Thank you for taking the lead and that I and my government are in full support of this important move. I have also reached out to our other colleague premiers to support this important call.  So far many have shown support,” Sade told Suidani

Sade said: “As elected leaders of our peoples this is what we are elected to do. Ensuring that schemes including the RCDF that are operated in this country are done within the bounds of our constitution and other relevant laws.  We can no longer watch and pretend all is good. That kind of thinking and behavior has no place in modern Solomon Islands”.

Sade assured Mr. Suidani that they are all in this business together and that the two premiers have agreed on a framework to start pulling resources together for this court action.

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