$342m allocated for Rural Development


The Government’s Constituency Development Programme has received increased budgetary support in this year’s national budget with an allocation of SB$342 million including a SB$90 million injection from the People’s Republic of China.

The PRC budgetary support is targeted towards establishing small businesses, mini infrastructures and creating employment opportunities in rural areas through the constituency development programme.

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The Minister of Finance and Treasury Harry Kuma said Solomon Islands could not realize its development and growth potential if the 86 percent of the population who live in villages with poor access to transport, communication technologies, and other much-needed infrastructure services are not supported. 

“It needs to be emphasized that increased rural development is central to the overall development of this nation.  Ensuring quality infrastructure is important not only for faster economic growth, but also to ensure inclusive growth,” Kuma said.

He added that inclusive growth means that the majority of people, especially those in the rural communities must also share the benefits of growth.

The government strongly believes that inclusive growth will lead to the alleviation of poverty and reduction in income inequality in the country.


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