Underpass flooded, closes temporary

Boeni working hard to keep the water out.

With continues heavy rain in Honiara affecting roads—the underground at the Central Market is no exception as it is now inundated with water and closed from public access.

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And the person who mans the underground tunnel Joseph Boeni says he has to lock the underpass because it is filled with water and it unfit for use.

He explains that water was entering the northern end (close to Hyundai Building) due to a leaked culvert.

He said whenever there is heavy rain water would force its way into the tunnel via the leakage.


“It happens very regular now just like today. What I do is I have to funnel the water out as fast I could otherwise it will end up with mountains of mud piling in the tunnel,” he said.

Boeni says it would take a few days before the tunnel is reopened but that would also depend on rain.

Since he’s been tasked the look after the tunnel the underpass has been regular cleaned and in good state compared to the past.

It is the only underground tunnel in Honiara and is often busy with mostly people going to the market and to the bus stops.

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