Teacher dies after he was allegedly attacked by 3 youths


A school teacher died from injuries he received two days later at the NRH after he was allegedly attacked by three youths in the Baha’ai area in Central Honiara last Friday.

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The school teacher whom police describes as a matured male was walking from the Scorpion Pub in Kukum just after midnight into the Baha’ai area (opposite Guso Point) when he was tailed by three young people.

Commissioner of Police Mostyn Mangau said one of the youths then approached him and demanded money but the teacher told them he had no money. After stating that he had no money, the youths attacked the teacher then got away leaving the man on the ground.

Mangau said the teacher landed on his head on the ground and was conscious. He was then taken to a nearby canteen (Red canteen) by some people who saw the incident but he was left there unattended until between 9am and 11am when a passer by saw him and called the ambulance. He was rushed to the NRH but died two days later.

Mangau said it is sad because a lot of people had witnessed the incident but none of them took the initiative to call the police. The man left unattended in front of the canteen for around 10 hours before ambulance picked him to the NRH.

He said it is the responsibility of the citizens of the country to look after one another and to care for others.

Two youths have been arrested and police is hunting for the third suspect who is still on the run.

Mangau appeals to the community at Baha’ai to locate the third person and to hand him to police.

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