Breaking…Mayor ousted in motion 8-4


Honiara City Lord Mayor Wilson Mamae has been ousted in a motion of no confidence this afternoon.

His removal ended his government, which came into power in mid 2019 and was marred by accusations of corruption and weak leadership.

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Councilor for Vavaya Ward Billy Abae tabled the motion accusing the mayor of weak leadership and abuse of public office. Mamae’s government has been in the limelight of late for accusations of alleged corruption the latest was involving the illegal sale of HCC land to a foreigner which was later resumed by the commissioner of labour.

When the motion was put to vote, Abae and his supporters won by 8 to 4 votes.

Mamae has been defending his clerk Rence Sore who was at the frontline of controversial deals including the sale of fire extinguishers and a city land that was used by the Ministry of Agriculture’s Bio Security for aviation rubbish disposal.

SBMOnline understands that members of the Mamae Executive had demanded that he removed his clerk in return for their support but the mayor had refused to take the action resulting in his overthrow today.

Mamae was voted around middle of 2019 and his government had been marred with controversies though it had a good start and was popular with the masses.

But controversies after another had resulted in public losing confidence in the HCC leadership.

The latest controversy involved the sale of HCC land at the dumpsite. In that, seven of the members of the Mamae executive had denied attending a meeting that gave the approval for the sale of the land. It was claimed that the City Clerk had faked the document that claimed that the members attended.

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