Sade tells GP leaders put peoples’ interest first NOT money, power & fame


Sade: If you’re here for money, power & fame, the assembly is not for you

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Guadalcanal Premier Francis Sade has told his colleagues to serve their people and not themselves yesterday after an anticipated motion of no confidence was withdrawn against him.

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The motion was hotly debated in the media platforms but it was withdrawn before it was even debated.

Sade has told SBM last week that he was confident of beating the motion and openly stated that the move was backed by national politicians.

In his first response after the motion was withdrawn, Sade echoed one of the most powerful statements as a reminded to his colleagues.


“If you’re here for money, if you’re here for power, if you’re here for fame, then this Honorable Assembly is not for you,” he said in a statement issued on the Guadalcanal Provincial Government facebook page.

In stead Sade said: “We’re here to serve the interest of women, youth, children and men of Guadalcanal.”

The Mover, MPA for Wanderer Bay verbally withdrew the MNC on the floor of the Assembly.

Sade also acknowledged that the Mover for the Motion of No Confidence has a democratic process for change and balance. And vows that his Government for Inclusive Change and Sustainable Development (GICSD) vows to continue its 2019-2023 Policy Strategies this financial year.

The Executive Government now has 12 members, after the MPA for Aola Ward, Hon. Hosley Ghanivila, joined the Sade Government.

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