In worst state, Malaita roads almost impossible to use


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Malaitan travellers struggling to access the Fote hill.

Road users in West Kwara’ae in Malaita are currently facing rough rides and have to pull their vehicles as some places are difficult to navigate due to very poor road condition.


One Malaitan says the roads especially the hills are now at a very bad state that had never been experienced in the province.

Photos sent to SBMOnline this afternoon showed vehicles struggle to climb the Fote hill and there was a line of vehicles waiting to climb the hill.

Our eyewitness says the hills are in very poor conditions and they include: Dorukau, Fote, Airahu, Kwainarako, Bio and Koa. The roads are not far from the provincial capital Auki.

SBMOnline understands that the repair of the roads is the responsibility of the national government.

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