Djokovic gets Caucus and Gov’t support despite public pressure to sack him


Gov’t Caucus acknowledges Djokovic’s proactive role, DCGA says it also stands by COS

The Government Caucus acknowledges and fully appreciates the important role of the Chief of Staff and head of the Policy Implementation, Monitoring, Evaluation Unit (PIMEU) Robson Djokovic at the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

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This is in response to the insinuation made by Alfred Sasako in last Saturday’s Solomon Star newspaper.Mr. Robson Djokovic was appointed as the Chief of Staff upon the recommendation of all political parties that made up DCGA, which at that time included, Kadere Party of Solomon Islands and Democratic Alliance Party, People First Party and OUR Party.The statement from the Government Caucus reiterates that the position of the Chief of Staff was agreed to and endorsed by them when DCGA came into power, as was the case for all Political Appointees.

The appointment of Mr. Djokovic is a reflection of the trust that DCGA had in the Chief of Staff when he held the same position under the former DCCG.“Caucus has confidence in his experience and skill set, especially in the political government,” the statement reads.As the Chief of Staff, who is the head of the (PIMEU), Djokovic is responsible for the DCGA policy formulation, development and implementation.

The Government’s redirection policy is driven by PIMEU spearheaded by the Chief of Staff.In such unprecedented times, the Government needs an experienced and seasoned operator and therefore, Caucus stands by the Chief of Staff.

The Government Caucus which is made up of the political parties that forms the DCGA greatly appreciates the achievement made by the Chief of Staff and the political office, especially in such challenging times.The Government Caucus acknowledged the outcome by the High Court of Solomon Islands as the result of a case that was filed by Robson Djokovic.

The Government Caucus fully understand that it was not a case brought against Robson Djokovic by the Electoral Commission or the Political Parties Commission but rather it was Robson Djokovic taking the matter up with the court to make a declaration to determine his status as a citizen.The High Court has ruled that Robson Djokovic is an indigenous Solomon Islander but is not a citizen.

This decision by the High Court is currently being appealed.The Caucus is also aware that Mr. Djokovic has not yet been charged for any criminal offence but yet he has been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion.Mr. Djokovic is presumed innocent until proven guilty by a court of competent authority.“Unfortunately, the court of public opinion is not a court of law or competent jurisdiction,” it said.

In relation to his employment status, Caucus is satisfied that Mr. Djokovic has complied with the relevant laws, specifically the Labour and Immigration Act.Therefore, his employment with the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet is in order.The DCGA further reaffirms that it stands by Djokovic and it will continue to provide support to him in the discharge of his duties as the Chief of Staff.

Caucus also dispels any political division as a result of Djokovic’s court case but it fully understands that Parliament is currently in meeting and as is always the case, desperate power-hungry opportunists will do anything to create division within the DCGA with the hope of destabilising internal solidarity.This is not a new tactic and DCGA knows exactly what these people are trying to do which has in fact actually strengthened the resolve and will of this Government instead of weakening it.

“We will serve the full term of Parliament and no amount of incitement, provocation, lies, rumours or media campaign will change this,” the government Caucus stated.Caucus strongly maintained that any rumours about government’s division over Djokovic’s legal case is only a fabricated one and manufactured by the usual suspects.“We believe in cooperation and unity as the way forward for this country,” it stated.

The Caucus group forming the DCGA is fully committed to the successful implementation of its policies in the interest of national stability, economic empowerment and progress.

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