ESP Officer disciplined, public urged to report discrepancies


The public has been urged to report any discrepancies in the implementation of the Economic Stimulus Package as it has been confirmed that one of the officers who dealt with the controversial ESP had been disciplined.

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Chairman of ESP and Permanent Secretary of Finance McKinnie Dentana told a radio talkback show yesterday that there is no value in making noise – as he pleaded to the public to report any discrepancies in the implementation of ESP.

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There were countless concerns circulating in the social media about favoritism in the awarding and implementing of ESP.

But Dentana in urging the public to report any inconsistencies also stated that he had taken action against one officer.


 “In November last year I have already disciplined one of my officers and he was shifted from where he was because of some of the information received (against the officer) under the implementation of the ESP,” he said.

The PS did not give details of the case(s) against the officer.

He said to ensure there is accountability in terms of implementation, he urged the public to report such cases to him as the chairman or members of his committee.

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