Sir Frank angered by budget cut & lack of support from PMO to SIICAC


Former Governor General Sir Frank Kabui has admitted today that the Solomon Islands Independent Commission Against Corruption (SIICAC), which he chairs, is struggling with its budget cut to half and is not getting the support from the Prime Minister’s Office.

Sir Frank who was a one-time high court judge echoed his frustration during a radio programme today organized by Transparency Solomon Islands. In the programme, Sir Frank also announced the corruption index ranking for Solomon Islands which is 42, meaning the public service is very corrupted.

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Sir Frank whose organization was created by an act of parliament in 2018 to fight corruption said the first one year has not been easy.

“Our institution was only formed up last year we are starting from scratch. We are starting from an empty room. The public must understand that. It is not easy.

“The government said they were giving us $3m but towards the middle of the year – the money went down to $1.5m and the money’s gone. We are struggling and we are not getting any support from the PMO. Their support is lukewarm,” he told the programme.

Sir Frank clearly states that it is not the fault of politicians. “No. The policy is already there. The politicians have already spoken. It is the public servants who are not working. They are too slow and they spoilt it. I want to make it clear. A lot of people blame politicians. Not necessary. Maybe but most of it is in the public service,” he said.

 Talking about corruption, Sir Frank said corruption is not new.

He said it corruption been in the country and it was in the penal code of SoIomon Islands since 1963.

Sir Frank said the Act his office was set up under in 2018 only expands on the definition and scope of what was already in the penal code.

  • More from Sir Frank to come-

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