Over pricing of computer that costs $5k to $12k surprises Sir Frank


Former Governor General Sir Frank Kabui admits that the cost of corruption makes doing business in the Solomon Islands very expensive. He cites the difference corruption makes by comparing the same computer his office bought for him at $12,000 whilst he paid for the same at just $5,000 in a shop in Honiara.

Sir Frank who is the Chairman of the Solomon Islands Independent Commission Against Corruption has told a radio forum today that corruption in the country is widespread.

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The latest Corruption Perception Index released today ranked Solomon Islands at 42, which indicates a corrupted public service.

Sir Frank in citing corruption in the public service pointed to an example of a computer that his office had bought for him last year to use in his office.

“When I went to my office I was given a computer. So I asked, what’s the price? They said $12,000. But I bought the exactly the same computer for just $5,000 in a shop in Honiara.

“Why is it $7,000 difference? I then asked my colleague, how much is your computer? he replied $17,000. Over pricing? It is an endemic,” he told the forum.

He said the cost of corruption makes doing business in Solomon Islands very expensive.

“Instead of something costing less, it costs far too much. So it multiplies itself through out the public service. It comes to millions of dollars being misused,” Sir Frank said in reference to corruption in the Public Service.

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