Fourth female MP elected as Mrs Vokia wins N/E Guadalcanal


North East Guadalcanal has a new MP and the fourth women in Parliament, Ethel Vokia.

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Returning Officer Luke Cheka announced the winning candidate but he has not given the details of votes.

Cheka said they had completed the counting of the votes and declared that Ethel Lyndsey has secured the majority of votes.

Mrs Vokia, is the wife of the former MP Jammie, who lost the seat via a petition in the high court.


She defeated former Prime Minister Dr. Derek Sikua and three other contestants.

Ethel is the second woman MP to be voted in by-election following the 2019 general election. The other is Hon. Lilly Maefai who replaced her husband, Charles who died only three months after he was elected.

Meanwhile counting for the Central Honiara Constituency is still continuing.

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