Early closure for KGVI, dorms will be turned into quarantine centres


State own King George VI is closing this Friday (20th November) to allow for the preparation of dormitories for returning graduating students from Fiji and Vanuatu to use as a quarantine centre.

At the same time the government has also announced that there will be early school holidays for all the schools in the country. They will be closing on 27 November.

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Deputy Secretary in the Ministry of Education and Human Resources James Bosamata told the the Government sponsored COVID-19 Talk-Back-Show on SIBC this afternoon that in the case of KGVI, the decision was made because they need to prepare the student dormitories for the returning graduating students from Fiji and Vanuatu institutions to use. He adds that as a result of that they will close on 20 November.

The government had already agreed to repatriate only graduating students from regional institutions –mostly from Fiji.

Meanwhile Bosamata also announced that they had also reached a decision for all the schools in the country to go on early holiday as of 27 November.

He said the decision was made because some schools have already faced financial difficulties to continue until the end of the academic calendar— and in Honiara the situation is fluid and some schools are not comfortable. He adds to make it fair everyone will be closing as of Friday 27th for early early school break.

He also confirmed that national examinations which started last week will continue this week for forms five and six whilst form three students had completed their exams last week.

Usually non exam years, forms 1, 2 and 4 continue with classes until early December before they go on holidays.

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