Suidani thanks USA for USD$25m support to Malaita


The Premier of Malaita Province Daniel Suidani is thankful to the government and the people of the United State of America for their generous support of USD$25M (about SBD$205m) to Solomon Islands and specifically to Malaita Province.

“It is indeed a day that my people of Malaita Province will remember if not for many generations to come. Nothing in such magnitude have ever been seen and felt by my people of Malaita Province since Solomon Islands gained independent in 1978. It is a great gift from a friend indeed,” he stated.

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Suidani added that he financial support would no doubt improve the economic situation of the province in the years to come.

“For so long Malaita Province has been viewed as a challenging and difficult place to develop and to do investment. But the bold move by the US Government through USAID is one of its kind and a show of respect and commitment from a long-time true friend,” he said from Auki this morning.

Suidani further stated that Malaita Province and its people share and cherish the same democratic principles, values, hopes and the rule of law that are dear and embraced by the United States and the rest of the free world.


“We continue to look to the United States as the beacon of human freedom, human liberty and prosperity. We cherish and venerate the same ideals that the US and the rest of free world stand for that men and women are born free and equal in the eyes of God,” he said.

Premier Suidani also like to thank the national government of Solomon Islands for its continues support in ensuring Malaita Province is developed under such worthy arrangements from one of our long time traditional donors.

Suidani stressed that the MARA Government is ready to render what is required of the province and provide the necessary supports under its mandate to seeing that this project is implemented to improve the lives and standard of living of Malaitans.

“It is no secret that Malaita People for so long have gone to many parts of the country and beyond as economic migrants in someone else back yard. In so doing often meet disharmony amongst their hosts. With this support it is believed that Malaita and its people are looking forward to a day that they will be liberated from their long and tiring economic stagnation.

“I once more would like to sincerely thank the Government and the people of the United State of America for their kind hearted kindness in providing this mega support to the people of Malaita Province,” said the premier.

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