Yacht towed to Honiara after gov’t gives approval


A foreign yacht, Love, which sustained damages to its engine and radar, has been given approval to berth at Point Cruz for the next 14 days after it was towed from Kia in Isabel.

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Commissioner of Police Mostyn Mangau told journalists this morning that Love, which came from PNG after spending 29 days in the ocean made a distress call for help after it encountered problem.

He said the Oversight Committee had given approval for the boat to be towed to Honiara under strict conditions. One of which is the couple on the boat is to confine to the boat for 14 days.


The boat was towed from Isabel by a private company and arrived in Honiara on Monday. The cost of the tow was met by the owners of the yacht.

Mangau said the boat will remain under quarantine for the 14 days but police, health and immigration will be monitoring it in the period.

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